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Do you love a challenge, thrive off positivity and want to show the world what you can do?

This is the perfect place to share your talents across Sport, Trickshots, fitness, Dance and more!

Call Out friends, family, workmates… even pro athletes and celebrities, in fact, anyone on the app! Compete against people from all over the world or sit back, watch and enjoy.

Be part of the community that celebrates a challenge.

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The Challenges

Have fun creating your own challenges and find out who’s the best! Football fanatic, karaoke queen or star baker, there’s no limit to the challenges you can set. Challenges can be about anything and everything and as simple or difficult as you like so get creative and see what you can achieve. Once your challenge is live our positive community can watch it, vote for it and even challenge you back.

Keep your eyes on the leaderboard to keep the top spot and ultimate bragging rights … and don’t worry about making a mistake, we have a whole section dedicated just to our bloopers … so be sure to add any funny challenge fails in there for us all to enjoy … who doesn’t love a good blooper!

The Home of Challenges

The Callouts

If you want to take your challenges to the next level then why not “Call Out” one of your friends or teammates … there’s nothing like a bit of friendly rivalry to make your challenge stand out. Get alerts when they have responded to your “Call out” and let the Goald community vote to decide who deserves those bragging rights. Leader boards update constantly so be sure to check in and see how you fare not only against your friends but professional athletes and celebrities too!

Bragging rights are sweeter when shared on social media so be sure to share your challenges across your platforms and really show the world who’s boss.

The Leaderboard

As well as the opportunity to showcase your epic skills, you also have the opportunity to earn trophies and join our leaderboard.

There’s no better reward than seeing your name at the top and being a challenge champion. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to rise to the challenge and show the world what you can do!

Be Top of the World!