May 2020


July 2020

Matt Mckay (Founder)

created team Goald, which included a former President at Adidas, a premier league football captain and two former Technical Directors for a global brand.

January 2021

The building of the Goald App begins – funded solely by the shareholders.

June 2022

Soft Launch for testing (5 months).

July 2022

@Thatllwork invest in Goald and become co-owners.

September 2022

App downloaded in over 25 countries.

November 2022

App downloaded in 75 countries.

December 2022

Pro athletes, pop stars, celebs and influencers sign up to Goald.

January 2023

Secures major investment.

January 2023

App downloaded in 120 countries.

February 2023

Becomes sponsor for major Sports Club.

April 2023

App downloaded in 168 countries (86% of the countries in the world).

Who’s Involved

Matt Mckay
CEO & Founder



Head of Technology – Paul Lyons

Marketing Director – Daniel Ricardo

Operations Director – Tom Simpson

Innovation Lead – Michael Shields

Head of Partnerships – Trent Golz

Fun Facts

The Idea came to Matt whilst working for a Tech company in Melbourne.

Thatllwork (Co-owners) are two of the most watched social media stars on the planet with over 10 million followers.

The Goald team is spread across 5 countries.






About Matt Mckay

CEO of Goald

Matt Mckay founder and CEO of Goald was born and raised in Hull, before moving to Melbourne when he was 22 to take up a role at a Tech company. Working with so many talented tech experts coupled with his love for all things sport is where the Idea for Goald was firstr conceived.

Matt wanted to create a positive and healthy feel good App where people could showcase their talents, “call out” their mates, compete against people from all over the world at absolutely everything and top leaderboards… but more importantly have fun! With no fear of negative comments or cruel messages…

Over the next four years Matt went about creating his impressive team of industry experts to help bring this ambitious App to life… which after many long gruelling days and nights Matt and his team finally did in June 22 when locally releasing the app ready for testing. Fast forward to March 2023 when operations are in full swing… they have thousands over users all over the world after just 6 months, they partner with major sports clubs, have pro athletes, social media stars, pop stars and even pro sports teams on the App.

When asked what Matt is most proud of about Goald he said “Never in my wildest dreams did I envisage I would be able to create such an incredible team of such talented but more importantly good people! The best part of my job is being able to work day in and day out with such amazing people who I respect and admire so much. What we have been able to create is truly mind blowing and when we hear feedback from our users it really is very humbling.”

If at the end of this whole journey we have been able to create a feel good App where people from all over the world feel confident to show off their skills and talents in our positive communities then we will have achieved everything we set out to. We don’t have comments or messaging built into the app… you are only ever judged on how well you can do a challenge… not what you wear, where you are from or how much money you earn, only how well you do a challenge!… post a new challenge, take on someone else’s challenge… call out your mates, top leaderboards… or simply just sit back, watch and enjoy. Goald really is an App for everyone and we couldn’t be prouder!

Contact Details
Matt Mckay

Positioning Statement

We celebrate fun challenges with real people across the globe on a healthy community app because positivity is Goald


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