Goald Named Platinum Sponsor of Hull Kingston Rovers

Goald Named Platinum Sponsor of Hull Kingston Rovers

September 26, 2023

Uniting Sport and Challenges

At Goald, we are thrilled to announce a partnership that combines the spirit of sport with the thrill of challenges like never before. We are proud to announce that Goald is Hull Kingston Rover’s (Hull KR) Platinum Sponsor! This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our journey to promote sportsmanship, talent, and charitable giving through the power of challenges.

Sponsoring Try of the Month and Year

Hull KR’s commitment to our platform goes beyond traditional sponsorship. They are stepping onto the Goald stage in a big way as we sponsor with “Try of the Month” and “Try of the Year” challenges. This exciting initiative brings rugby league enthusiasts closer to the action, allowing them to witness the most exhilarating moments from their favourite club’s matches.

Here’s some of the exciting things to come

The Challenge: Hull KR will post the challenge for “Try of the Month.” Fans and followers of the club, along with Goald users, can eagerly anticipate each new challenge.

Team Responses: The first team, women’s team, and academy of Hull KR will post their own responses to the challenge on the Goald app. This ensures that the entire Hull KR family is engaged and participating in the excitement.

Fan Voting: The power is in the hands of the fans! Using the Goald app, supporters can cast their votes for the best response, deciding the winner for “Try of the Month.”

Charity Donation: The winner of “Try of the Month” receives a generous prize of £100 donated to a charity of their choice on their behalf.

Challenge Accepted: But that’s not all! The winner of “Try of the Month” will then take on a Goald challenge. If they successfully complete it, Goald will quadruple their donation to an impressive £400 for their chosen charity.

First Team Participation: Hull KR’s first team is also diving headfirst into the world of challenges. Throughout the year, they will take part in their own exciting challenges on the Goald app, keeping fans engaged and entertained.

Uniting the Hull KR Community

This partnership is about more than just sport; it’s about community, passion, and making a positive impact. Hull KR and Goald share a vision of uniting people through challenges and giving back to those in need. With the power of challenges and the support of Hull KR, we aim to inspire, entertain, and make a difference in the lives of many.

So, whether you’re a devoted Hull KR supporter or a challenge enthusiast, get ready to be part of something extraordinary. Join us on Goald as we celebrate the incredible talents of Hull KR, support charitable causes, and experience the thrill of challenges like never before. Hull Kingston Rovers and Goald: Together, we’re raising the bar for sportsmanship, entertainment, and giving back to the community we hold dear.